Conference Topics

The International Conference on Engineering Science and Green Technology

26 – 27 January 2019

Singapore, Singapore

Engineering Science

Additive Manufacturing, 3D-Printing

Automotive Engineering, Roads and Railways

Aviation & Spaceflight


Chemical Engineering

Civil Engineering and Construction

Electric Power Transmission, Power Grid, Smart Grid

Electrical Engineering

Electronic Engineering

Marine Engineering

Mechanical engineering

Metallurgy and Materials Science

Micro technology, Nanotechnology

Military engineering

Mining & Mineral Processing

Non-nuclear Energy Production

Nuclear Energy and Radwaste

Petro chemistry and Petrochemical Industry

Photonics, Optoelectronics and Display Devices

Plastic Processing, Composite Materials

Radiation Processing, Study of Radiation Effects

Robotics, Automation & Mechatronics

Training in Nuclear Technology

Green Technology

Advanced Energy Materials


Biomass & Bioenergy


Climate Change

Energy Conservation

Energy Recycling

Energy Savings for Vehicular Technology, Power Electronics, Electric Machinery and Control, etc.

Energy Storage, Conversion & Grid Modernization

Energy, Environment & Sustainability

Environmental Engineering

Geothermal Energy

Green chemistry

Green Economy

Green Nanotechnology

Green Technology & Architecture

Materials for Energy and Environmental Sustainability

Power and Energy Engineering

Public Awareness and Education for Renewable Energy and Systems

Renewable and Clean Energy to mitigate Climate Change

Renewable Energy Research and Applications for Industries

Renewable Energy Systems in Smart Cities

Smart Grid

Sustainable Energy Policies